Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uncle Fluffy easy to run?

Yes, with Uncle Fluffy automated systems and perfected guidelines, it’s easy to run an Uncle Fluffy business.

What are the qualifications to franchise Uncle Fluffy?

The perfect candidate should have entrepreneurial attitude, however, our franchise is designed for those who don’t have any business experience.

What is the cost of ingredients compare to the selling price?

Ingredients cost for 1 regular cake: USD1.131
Retail selling value for 1 regular cake: USD5.2

Can I buy the baking equipment from my local market?

Yes, you can buy the equipment from your local market and you will not be forced to buy any equipment from us.

What will be the selling price of Uncle Fluffy products in my country?

The pricing will be calculated based on the prices of ingredients, rental cost and manpower cost. Prices shall be calculated prior to the opening.

What type of training will I receive as a new Uncle Fluffy franchisee?

Our team will be in touch with you after signing the franchise agreement, the support and training will include: Location hunting, Equipment Buying, Equipment Setup, Ingredients Buying support, Designs Guidance, Staff Hiring and Product Preparation.

Do you offer payment, accounting, payroll, or inventory control systems?

Yes, we have a system called UFP, stands for Uncle Fluffy Portal, which gives you access to manage your business through our mobile optimized web system. You will be able to manage all aspects of the business, stock, sales, HR, accounting, home deliveries, complains and much more. The UFP is a free service.

Do you provide me with a dedicated website?

Every franchisee will have a dedicated website where customers can learn about the new business and can place home delivery orders and contact the franchisee directly.

What is your criteria for selecting new locations?

Inside The Mall
• Locations near fashion areas are ideal.
• Choose floors at the same level of the main entrance.
• Avoid locations with fast walking audience.
• Locations inside narrow corridors are preferred.
Outside The Mall
• Downtowns or main city streets are ideal.
• Visibility is important, high foot or car traffic is ideal.
• Availability of parking space is very critical.
• Choose locations in safe areas

Can we add more items to the menu?

Adding more items to the menu is possible but it will be subject to our approval. Additional items must be relevant to the brand concept and Japanese originated.

How long the cake can last?

The cake can last up to 5 days inside a chiller.

Is Uncle Fluffy a healthy choice?

We use high end ingredients in all our cakes for healthier diet and lifestyle. The regular size Uncle Fluffy cheesecake contain the following:

  • • Protein: 9 g
  • • Carbohydrate: 40 g
  • • Calories: 370 kCal

Is Uncle Fluffy Halal?

All uncle fluffy products are all made of 100% halal ingredients.

If I get Uncle Fluffy franchise, will I be the only one in my territory?

We will make sure that nobody opens Uncle Fluffy within a minimum distance of 15km from your location.

What if I decide to close down the business, do I have any obligation or responsibility towards the franchisor?

There is no financial obligation should you decide to close down the business.

Can I get exclusive franchise in my country?

To obtain the exclusive rights, there is a minimum number of branches you have to open within a period of time, kindly contact us and we will provide you with exact details on exclusivity.

What happens after signing the franchise agreement?

Once you complete the contractual work and sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee, our team will start working with you step by step to guide you on how to open your first Uncle Fluffy unit.

How soon can I expect my Uncle Fluffy franchise to open after signing the agreement?

The first Uncle Fluffy unit can take up to 90 days to open and operate.

What are the steps to get Uncle Fluffy franchise agreement?

STEP 1 : Pay 10% of the franchise fee as a deposit to start the agreement process.
STEP 2 : Once you make the payment, you will receive a username and password to our online portal where you can request your agreement draft.
STEP 3 : Once we draft your agreement, you have to download it from our portal and sign it and upload it on our portal.
STEP 4 : We will sign the agreement from our end and put it back on our portal for you to download, we will also send you the invoice to pay the remaining 90% of the franchise fee.
STEP 5 : Once payment is received, we will assign you an account manager who will assist you until you open your first branch.

I'm ready, what is next?

To obtain Uncle Fluffy franchise, you will need to inform us that you are ready to start the agreement process, you will be required to pay 10% of the franchise fee in advance, once you pay the deposit, we will be able to draft your franchise agreement.