Alaa Mohra's Story

The Failed Engineer:

He is a true example of a success story that started with failure. He moved to Dubai in 2005 after spending all his savings to be able to get out of the Gaza Strip where he was born and raised. Alaa Mohra became a civil engineer for one year, only to discover that working in engineering would not achieve his dreams and financial aspirations. Alaa Mahra became a millionaire in 2012 to continue his investment career, develop himself and his business, and inspire others to reach the position he has reached to this day.


Fashion Accessories Store:

After a nice coincidence, Alaa Mohra established an online store selling accessories from his bedroom, after which it became one of the largest accessories stores in the Middle East, as the stores sales in the fourth year reached all times high, Alaa sold the company and used the sale money to invest in new business and real estate.

Uncle Fluffy Bakery:

After selling his first business, Alaa Mohra established a number of successful companies, some of which have become international, such as the Japanese bakery Uncle Fluffy, whose branches extend in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and the US state of California. Uncle Fluffy will continue to grow under the sole management of Alaa Mohra.


Alaa Mohra Real Estate Investments:

Also, Alaa Mohra is considered one of the most active real estate investors in the Emirate of Dubai, as he owns a large number of ready and leased residential properties on an ongoing basis, and he also has a large number of properties under construction, through which he makes profits after their completion.

Consulting and Solutions:

Alaa is also the founder of Alaa Mohra Investments Company based in the United Arab Emirates, which provides a number of exclusive services such as providing investment advice and solutions to company owners and those wishing to enter the world of entrepreneurship.


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